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Residing in Atlanta GA, Rodney is a renowned author, publisher, international keynote speaker and leading sales trainer in the home improvement arena. He has made record breaking strides from his humble start as a telemarketer turned business owner, forging his way to his most current and coveted title as the number one sales trainer in the home improvement industry.

The 20 year sales veteran is affectionately known throughout the industry as “The 91% Guy” due to his unheard of ninety-one percent close rate. More than a third of the top Replacement 100 corporations have Rodney Webb on speed dial and he currently serves as a sales coach and adviser to several multi-billion dollar conglomerates such as Owens Corning and Capital One Finance. Rodney’s training seminars are infamous for providing real-life scenarios, contagious motivation and escalating the bottom line for major corporations and individual sales professionals alike.

Rodney’s intuitive and unique training includes his self-proclaimed technique called “Skillent” of which Rodney defines as a skill that has been practiced or perfected to the level at which it appears to be a talent. He uses this niche approach to pack major muscle into a selling one-two punch with his highly successful SuperStar Selling training session. These presentations consist of a series of true-to-life sales training seminars designed to equip professionals with the selling tools to transform their level of results that ultimately increase profits.

Rodney has graced the covers of prestigious home industry publications such as Remodeling Magazine with editorials in Replacement Contractor, Qualified Remodeling as well as countless other media outlets. It’s no secret why Rodney Webb is the industry Big 50’s most sought after speaker.

An Introduction to the Limbic System

Simon Sinek, noted leadership and marketing expert, explores how sales messages resonate when directed to the brain’s limbic system. He’s the author of the classic guide “Start With Why”.

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The Buy-Limbic Sales System!


The Buy-Limbic Sales System a dynamic and revolutionary selling process, developed by Rodney Webb, defines why consumers buy rather than what they buy. It taps into the limbic system of the brain where emotional decisions and feelings reside. The Buy-Limbic Sales System has embraced and created the sales philosophy and concepts based upon Rodney’s 10 Step Selling System. Buy-Limbic Sales is:

  • The method of selling that stimulates the limbic system of the brain to influence customer buying decisions.
  • Inside out selling.
  • Selling the customer what you believe and why they should buy from you instead of what you are selling.

Join the neuropath to successful selling – “Buy-Limbic Sales”!

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